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Alex - Head Designer

  • Responsible for planning and designing the project from start to finish
  • Over 10 years experience 

Best Handyman London is a family company that was founded in 1980. We specialise in providing electrical services, but we also provide complimentary services including plumbing and heating. We are keen to take on large scale projects, but we are more than  happy to accommodate your needs whatever the size.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility in all aspects to ensure our customers are always 100% happy and their needs are met. We understand that finances are always a key concern so we work with your available budget and time. Our team is small, but all of us specialise in the areas we are most experienced in and we always aim to provide a friendly, but professional service. We have access to high quality materials and equipment which allow us to complete work to high standards.

We understand that many people within London work long hours, so we are happy to work around your schedule to be able to accommodate your needs.